Blues driver vs proco rat

Fast Blues driver vs proco rat

2019-11-18 03:24

In this instance, the Mooer Blues Mood hits the triple threat with a really fantastic replication of a Keeleymodified Boss Blues Driver. So a clever twist on the original in a more compact form factor and with twoway toggle voice selector.Jan 19, 2015 Boosting A Proco RAT Pedal With An Ibanez Tube Screamer How To Tighten Up A RAT's Low End Boosting A Proco RAT Pedal With An Ibanez Tube Screamer Blues Driver, King of Tone Duration blues driver vs proco rat

Jul 06, 2012 The Rat can be very versatile as well. I recently traded in my made in China pedal for one made in the USA about 10 years ago. Better overall tone and a very retro square enclosure. Well, countless of overdrive and distortion pedals later, I'm back to just using a Blues Driver and a Rat. I'm sure I'll continue to experiment with other pedals

Dec 19, 2008 iv got a blues jr and have a keeley 808 and the keeley blues driver and prefer the 808 anyday. the blues driver has more of a bite if The Tube Screamer, for instance, is an overdrive pedal. The Pro Co Rat, is a distortion pedal. Just the names of these pedals conjures up an image of what they sound like. Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro blues driver vs proco rat

The RAT distortion pedals by Pro Co have attained legendary status for their distinct drive sounds and have become a standard by which other distortion pedals are measured. A ProCo Rat would be an OK substitute, though not quite the same sound. 2006 On an Island Remember That Night Gdansk Roger Waters 2011 Wall era David again used the Ram's Head Big Muff and Tube Driver for the studio recordings. First and foremost, the tone I'm looking for in one of these is a slightly overdriven (think a Fender Twin pushed just past the threshold of breakup) blues driver vs proco rat Mar 07, 2016 Boss Bd2 Blues Driver? Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by adamlovesgin, Mar 7, 2016. Page 1 ProCo Rat Electro Harmonix East River Drive. (TS clone). Joyo Ultimate Drive (OCD clone) I had a Blues Driver and liked it OK, but I like the Wampler Paisley drive much better for your stated sound needs. Part 5 of my Guitar Overdrive Pedal Shootout series. Review of the ProCo Rat 2. Meeting a Legend. I wont bore you with the background to this shootout, for that please refer to the other parts in the series on this site. Aug 20, 2015 Shine on you Crazy Diamond Cover Guitar Pink Floyd FENDER Gilmour Custom Shop HIWATT Little D Duration: 4: 39. Pink Floydish 41, 414 views By all accounts, this attempt was very successful, and the Blues Breaker remains a classic ampinabox overdrive pedal. Running a Blues Breaker into a Klon is a fairly wellknown tone recipe these days, with John Mayer being perhaps the most famous proponent of this setup.