Wrecker driver killed in spring texas

Fast Wrecker driver killed in spring texas

2019-11-14 17:31

Spring, Texas November 10th, 2016: A local wrecker company, Haulin Iron Towing& Recovery is under fire after one of their drivers posed as President Obama with a noose around his neck. The picture, which was later posted to social media is causing quite theHe is the second towtruck driver to be killed on the job in Columbus in the past two years. Three other cars were struck on the berm, but no one else was injured, police said. wrecker driver killed in spring texas

Man Charged With Capital Murder In Tow Truck Driver Death Jonathan Nguyen, 27, is charged with capital murder for running over and killing Curtis Martin, after stealing Martin's tow truck.

The wrecker driver died at the scene. The dump truck driver wasnt hurt. The accident is still under investigation to determine which driver was at fault. wrecker driver killed in spring texas

Wrecker driver killed in crash in Spring area A wrecker driver died in a onecar wreck that also sent his wife and small child to the hospital, Harris County sheriff's officials said. Police said the driver of the truck was not supposed to be in that lane and did not yield to the officer. Neither the officer nor the truck driver were hurt. Police arrested the wrecker truck driver after discovering he had outstanding tickets and did not have a valid driver's license. A tow truck driver was killed Saturday after being hit by a drunk driver in Cypress, police said. wrecker driver killed in spring texas Police say a tow truck driver in Houston whose wrecker was stolen moments after unloading a repossessed car was killed when the alleged thief ran him over. July 6, 2018, at 11: 19 p. m.