Devildriver world record circle pits

Fast Devildriver world record circle pits

2019-11-18 12:14

That record certainly won't be attempted during their February 6 show at Culture Room, but if there was a world record for most intense pit, this show could be in the running.DevilDriver quickly became a big band that expanded their fan base at a really fast pace. Their hard work eventually paid off with their amazing live performances at Download Festival and eventually the world record for the biggest circlepit ever, there are various films on internet of it. devildriver world record circle pits

Hey DevilDriver, if it means anything to you, you get the Metal Injection World Record for largest circle pit we've ever seen, sound good? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Email Sponsored Links

Nov 22, 2009 Sunday, November 22, 2009. DevilDriver Pray For Villains devildriver world record circle pits

DevilDriver even tried to get the Guinness World Record for the largest circle pit back in 2007. Obviously the Boardwalk doesnt have the capacity for another such feat, but the pit was certainly aggressive, even if most of the participants are willing to help each other up if they fall down. DevilDriver Joined by John Carter Cash, Randy Blythe, Hank3 and More on Outlaw Country Covers Album, Outlaws Til The End Outlaws Til The End is both a startling curveball and a ferocious statement of individuality from a band who have been a constant and effective force in the heavy metal world for the best part of two decades now. DevilDriver set the world record for largest, most dangerous mosh pit in the world in 2008 when 18 people were hospitalized with critical injuries after their set at Ozzfest. devildriver world record circle pits Also known for starting large mosh pits, having repeatedly tried to get a Guinness World Record for largest mosh pit and getting rejected every single time. Guy 1: I think I broke my arm in the mosh pit during the DevilDriver concert. (Even breaking the world record for biggest circle pit, twice! ) They have gotten more aggressive, faster, and heavier with age. On July 14th (July 13th in Europe), DevilDriver will release their 4th studio album entitled Pray For Villians , via Roadrunner Records, and will chizzle this band in stone among metals top elite of today. A Guinness warld record wis attemptit bi the baund for the lairgest circle pit at the festival. Guinness responded tae the query an denied the request statin thay receive ower 60, 000 requests a year an thare is nae wey tae pheesically define whaur a circle pit stairts an ends. Jun 14, 2009 Guiness Book of World Record attemp for largest circle pit. . pretty awesome.