Baby driver's license announcement

Fast Baby driver's license announcement

2019-11-15 15:17

To announce that someone has a driver's license, give this humorous card that features a rocket ship, stars, moon, UFO and a little green alien. The headline is in white against a blue sky. The inside message may be changed, if you wish. Gail PepinUse this CALIFORNIA Driver License Template to create your own birth announcement. You can easily change, move, alter, edit layer sizes, colors and texts. You only need to insert your own picture, personalize the texts and you are done! baby driver's license announcement

A Drivers License Birth Announcement. Click image to zoom. We have birth announcements that match all 50 state licenses. You can select a Drivers License number that fits your baby, or you can make up your own! Low Minimums: Order as few as 25

PLEASE READ! 4x6 or 5x7 can be purchased. Choose print yourself, home delivery or next day pick up at your local discount storepharmacy photo counter. baby driver's license announcement

Jun 18, 2008  Then, lucky me, Creations For You added Drivers License announcements! Hooray! Now this is a great baby announcement but these make great invitations too. A great addition to the Creations For You product line that certainly worked out for pregnant me. So, my little guy got a cool, new and unusual birth announcement just what I wanted. Realistic drivers license look alike are a very trendy birth announcement! This newborn drivers license wrapped around a Hershey's chocolate candy bar is a sweet treat for everyone. Hand these out to friends and family to announce your going to have a child, or present them after the fact to share with everyone the news about your new addition to your family. Invitations and Announcements Invitations By Style. Custom Driver's License Invitations. A Drivers License Birth Announcement. Your baby has an identify all their own and a license to prove it! Price 1. 85. Graduation Drivers License Invitation or Announcement. baby driver's license announcement Find customizable Driver License invitations& announcements of all sizes. Pick your favorite invitation design from our amazing selection.