Sprint safe driver app for teens

Fast Sprint safe driver app for teens

2019-11-15 15:39

Sprint has come up with an app for its customers called Drive First that is designed to prevent distracted driving. As Chris Papsi writes in a WHPTV. com article, CBS21 is teaming up with Sprint to help parents keep their teen drivers safe.Since 2005 Sprint has worked on behalf of its customers and employees on the issue of distracted driving including sponsoring national and local driver safety programs for teenagers and adults sprint safe driver app for teens

Guide to Sprint Mobile Controls for Parents. Find Hidden Apps Your Teen Doesn't Want You Seeing. The TeenSafe Parenting Guide to Tech Safety. How to Track Your Kid's Cell Phone Without Taking it Away. Follow us. Teen Driver Safety 101: The Best Tools For New Drivers. Categories.

These type of phone locks are perhaps the most useful teen driving safety device, preventing one of the biggest killers to teen drivers. Sprint Drive First Another program that locks your teen's phone when her car is going more than 10 m. p. h. , sending incoming calls to sprint safe driver app for teens

Top Driving Apps That Will Keep Teens Safe Introduction There's no two ways about it, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Teen Driving: Apps to Keep Your New Driver Safe. Terrified by the thought of your kid going for a spin? of course, the almighty cell phone. Parents can use road safety apps to curtail the use of mobile devices by teens while theyre behind the wheel, says Staver. iOnRoad Smart Driver. Among other safety features, this app has a sprint safe driver app for teens