Ping i-15 driver review golfwrx tour

Fast Ping i-15 driver review golfwrx tour

2019-11-12 16:07

The Ping i15 Driver won a Gold Award for this years Today's Golfer drivers test (foudn in issue 269), it is also the first driver ping have made for 'the better player The i15 driver has been around for 18 months now and although it is likely to be replaced later this year, its still a truly sensational product.Jul 27, 2009 Ping i15 Driver Review; Ping i15 Driver Review. By Martin Hopley. Jul 27, 2009. We would certainly recommend the Ping i15 driver for those golfers who enjoy a handicap in single figures. The Ping i15 is quite clearly a driver that has been designed for the better players out there! It's is a little hotter out of the centre of the face than the ping i-15 driver review golfwrx tour

I went to the Ping fitting van recently and trialled the latest G15 and I15 lines in both the drivers and irons. I must admit that I was keen to hit the G15 to see how it compared with my current driver (MacGregor MT 460).

Ping i15 Driver Reviews. Started by Mark79, Mar 18 2010 09: 53 PM. Prev; The i15 is not forgiving. Many tour pros are using the G15 as well as i15 irons. The i15 does look good thou. Until someones gives me a weekly cheque to play golf, I am taking the easy option to play. sounds interesting but id still put my 09 10. 5 deg TM ping i-15 driver review golfwrx tour

The shaft is heavy and the Ping i15 driver is not very forgiving on miss hits with the open face. Customer Service This is a Customer Service review on Golf Course San Jose Municipal. PING says that the i15 has a muted sound, and Id have to say that, for a PING driver, that is true. On offcenter contact, the i15 sounds fairly similar to my old G5. When you hit it on the money, however, the i15 drops in tone and sounds solid, a little like how a good softball bat sounds when you drill one. ping i-15 driver review golfwrx tour